Talentwunder / User Experience

13 become 1

Talentwunder is a smart recruiting tool that searches for the best talents using social networks.

Before, the Talentwunder search was a long and tiring list of input fields and switches. It worked but was staggering and incomprehensible for beginners as it was slow and unsatisfactory for professionals.

We analyzed the needs and expectations of different user groups and translated them into user journeys. Accordingly, we divided the tool into its pieces, cut away everything expandable and restructured the remaining.

As a result, 13 input fields have been condensed into a single search field. Step-by-step smart search operators are implemented and filters are set. The all in one operation can be done entirely by keyboard without a single click.

Autocompletion and clear, visualised syntax rules provide further orientation and set the frame. The TAB key shortcuts to a comprehensive guide, in case the user's needs help nonetheless. That way beginners are supported and heavy users are enabled to step up their workflow.

Inspired by code editors, we integrated additional functions like synonym suggestions, keyword clustering and a live-search-preview. An automated “inspector” identifies weaknesses in the search string before the search is even issued.

Not only was the new mechanic validated by existing users, they also loved it. While still in development, first UI mockups show how the finished service will look.