The easiest way to buy and sell crypto: SuperSimpleSwap

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Have you tried buying or – even worse – selling crypto? It's a hassle. Your choices are trading platforms where you don't actually own the coins or exchanges and wallet providers that require you to surrender all your personal data. None of them are cheap.

Together with our friends at Nimiq, we are proud to present what can rightfully be considered the easiest way to buy and sell crypto: SuperSimpleSwap, or S3.

  • SuperSimpleSwap
  • SuperSimpleSwap
  • SuperSimpleSwap

Unique UX for a unique service

Analyzing existing buying and selling services, we identified a common pattern: At first glance, they are all easy and accessible, suggesting that buying some BTC is going to be a straightforward affair. When entering the flow, however, more and more steps and complexity is revealed, often including the necessity to show your ID in a video call.

  • SuperSimpleSwap
  • SuperSimpleSwap
  • SuperSimpleSwap

One screen – that's it!

SuperSimpleSwap lives up to its name. All a user has to do is enter how much to buy and to which crypto address the coins should be received. She or he is presented with bank details, wires the money and receives the crypto in about five minutes. The whole process fits in one screen – no sign-up or registration is required.

Instead of creating disassociated input fields, the process is presented in semantic form. All inputs are part of a sentence that provides context for the single items and explains what is going to happen.

Off brand on purpose

Although S3 is original technology by Nimiq, we decided to create a stand-alone branding. People familiar with Nimiq will recognize shared elements, like the Muli font, for everyone else, SuperSimpleSwap is simply SuperSimpleSwap. The reason is our desire to present S3 as a neutral and cryptocurrency agnostic solution. This way, we allow S3 to create recognition for itself to shine light on Nimiq as a second step, content marketing, so to say.

Try it out, it's really that simple.

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