Graphcool / User Experience

Deep Tech - Easy Interface

The Berlin based Deep-Tech start-up kicks up dust all the way to Silicon Valley. Their ingenuis translation of Facebook's GraphQL technology renders backend developers to the verge of redundancy. We provide the UI and the UX.

They promise a lot: Faster and keener backend development that is easier to scale and more stable at the same time.

But Graphcool lives up to it. The team works at an incredible pace to push boundaries and by doing so is changing the way future digital products will be developed. High tier customers like Twitter are already convinced.

Browsing and editing data is as easy as using a spreadsheet.

We work closely with the founders on enhancing and advancing the product and keep the concept, design and implementation in the loop. Since new features have to be integrated and existing ones have to be extended on a weekly basis, UX and UI have to grow fluidly.

Instead of defining strict rules, we had to enable a evolution of all elements, while keeping up consistent lines.

"Relations" connect Models and make it possible to build complex platforms like Instagram or Twitter. What appears simple is the result of long and intensive Iteration.

The core challenge: Translate the immense complexity in the back into a clean and intuitive interface while staying true to the high- and deep-tech nature of Graphcool.

The "Playground is the centerpiece of the platform. Here, a classical code editor meets an intuitive question-answer-game

We reduced the design to a minimum to give room to the many and complex information and functions. All elements and input fields follow a compelling logic, backed by consistent colour codes.

Icons and symbols replace text where possible. Conventionally complex operations, like defining the relations between different data models, become a matter of a few clicks and can be conducted without any backend developing skills.