Pomplunspanier / Websites

Big Pictures and a lot of Colour

High tier clients like Nike appreciate Pomplunspaniers ability to hold immersive and authentic events. Glamour is irrelevant, brand experience is key.

As they stage their clients in a modern and spectacular fashion, we have to do the same with their website. At the same time it had to fulfil some special requirements like a promoter application form and management, as well as an individual content-management-system.

Accordingly we chose a design that focuses around the pictures of their event that make up a big part of their quality as an agency. This way the look directly communicates their core strength while offering an visual and interesting user experience for the site visitors. A smart search with service tags and filters offers quick navigation.

A high level of detail in every aspect of the website, such as illustrations, animations and a custom map showcase Pomplunspaniers dedication to walk that extra mile.