Auswärtiges Amt / Digital Communication

Nation Branding for Germany

As part of a team of six, we started a consulting and communications project for the German Federal Foreign Office. For six months we worked closely and constructively with the world of diplomats.

We were entrusted to redesign Germany's foreign communication in order to make it more modern, digital and integrated.

No easy task, given a customer conservative to the bone and the notion of propaganda around every corner.

"Eagle Gang", left to right: Anna von Dallwitz, Julian Bauer, Frederick Braake, Alisa-Elaine Schellenberg, Robin Sandkühler & Tammo Mamedi

A nation is no enterprise, Germany no brand - marketing and advertisement therefore ineffective the best, not credible and harmful the worst.

Our solution: An open platform that doesn’t dictate an image of Germany but gathers and illustrates the users image of it.

People from all around the world are invited to share and discuss their stories, experiences and opinions about and with Germany. Free of censorship and curated by an algorithm.

But many people around the world have insufficient internet access, to truly become a part of our dialogue.

Therefore, we developed a classic notebook that subtly tells the stories of our platform and features a postal card that can be used to participate in the dialogue even from the remotest location.

We let actions speak and prove what we were supposed to claim:

Germany is a confident, modern, democratic and transparent nation.

The majority of our strategic work was incorporated by the Foreign Ministry, measures like the notebook have been realized. But the platform was ahead of its time and fell victim mostly to security concerns.