Creative Frontend Developer (Web)

Starting earliest 1st of July 2022

We are looking for a Creative Frontend Developer to complement our design team with someone to translate ideas into smooth experiences. Besides working on cutting edge brands and tech, we offer profit sharing, actual responsibility and a no-BS work culture.

About Us

Since we started in 2016 we have been working continuously to be the hottest digital agency around. We're not there yet – but we always strive to improve and embrace change as our modus operandi.

We serve international start-ups and predominantly high-tech. Generally speaking, it's our task to package complicated and nerdy technology into sexy products everyone can use and enjoy. Branding, UX and out-of-the-box marketing are the tools of choice.
As a small team, we are looking for someone, for whom work is more than a job and colleagues are more than coworkers.

  1. Our Blockchain client from Costa Rica invites us to a Hackathon? – We fight to bring the whole team along.
  2. Your dog has a cold and you have to get it to the vet this morning? – No big deal.
  3. You leave at 6 pm, even though the team needs to get something done by tomorrow morning? – Not cool.

About You

We're looking for a Creative Frontend Developer. Well, what does that even mean?

It means you have all the skills a good developer has – you're an analytical thinker, you're a problem solver, you know your languages and frameworks in and out.

But you also love a beautifully designed website, product or interactive experience – even more, you know that you play a big role in shaping that experience.

  • You have an eye for aesthetics. You have an idea of how design works and how it interplays with technology. Wrenching out the last 5% by tweaking easing curves doesn't bore you, but makes you whole.
  • You know that Responsive Design is not about adding breakpoints to a website, but about creating elements that adapt to their context.
  • You know that design and development have to go hand in hand to really excel, which is why you like to bring your perspective and expertise into the creative process early on.
  • You're able to do this because you know everything about HTML, CSS and Javascript. You write semantic code, know when to use a grid over a flex-layout and when it makes sense to use a framework over vanilla Javascript.
  • You're familiar with frontend frameworks like React, Vue and Next.js/Nuxt and their pros and cons. You're excited about new technologies, the possibilities that arise with them and the problems they can solve. Ideally, you also have experience with animation-frameworks like GSAP, with WebGL and/or even Three.js.
  • You care about accessibility and performance. You know that not every technology will work for everyone. You have your target audience in mind and know when to optimise for touch interactions, that keyboard navigation is a thing and that 500kb might not be a big deal for users in Europe, but very well in rural India.
  • You have at least three years of experience working with designers and project managers. You know when to go for a quick hack and when to take the time to do it properly (we always push hard for the latter, but, you know, situations happen).
  • Bonus points: You have some backend-experience, you know how a server works and what to do if it doesn't. Even though your work will be focussed on the frontend, having an idea of the rest of the stack certainly is a plus.

We prefer working together and on-site but are used to remote teams and clients. If you can't manage to be around, we will find a way for you to work remotely.

We work with international, decentralized Blockchain projects, German SME's on the path to disrupt the country's old-school industry sector, as well as Silicon Valley startups, usually early-stage and high-tech.

Send us your CV, an informal application and your salary expectations to

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