Creative Frontend Developer

Join a young and quality-driven studio and breathe life into ideas and designs. Work with people for whom work is more than a job and for no-BS clients who seek impact and innovation.

We're looking for a Creative Frontend Developer. Someone who is not satisfied by simple execution but driven to create outstanding and remarkable results as part of a team.

You’re a good fit if:


  • You believe that to achieve excellence, design and development should go hand in hand, which is why you like to bring your perspective and expertise into the creative process early on.
  • You have an eye for aesthetics and know that Responsive Design is not about adding breakpoints to a website, but about creating elements that adapt to their context.
  • You are interested in what’s happening left and right of you, tackle issues head on and like to contribute to the overall success of your team.


  • You're familiar with frontend frameworks like React, Vue and Next.js/Nuxt and their pros and cons and are open to learn more.
  • Ideally, you also have experience with animation-frameworks like GSAP, with WebGL or Three.js.
  • You write semantic code, know when to use a grid- over a flex-layout and when it makes sense to use a framework over vanilla Javascript.
  • You’re keen on discovering and adapting new tech.


  • You have at least three years of work experience and know when to go for a quick hack instead of doing it properly (we always push hard for the latter, but, you know, situations happen).

The studio

Since 2016 we’ve been working to become the hottest digital studio around. We're not there yet – but we always strive to improve and embrace change as a default.

Our clients are international and predominantly high-tech start-ups. Generally speaking, it's our task to package complicated and nerdy tech into sexy and usable products.

Our services include Branding (strategy, concept and design) and product building, as in websites, platforms and mobile apps (strategy, UX, UI and frontend dev).


Being independent, we don’t have VC millions to splurge with. Nonetheless, there are some perks and we’re eager to add more:

📊  Everyone gets a cut of the yearly profit – from 1% for interns to 4% for seniors.

🍻  Friday afternoons are off – we debrief the week after lunch and home we go.

🤓  Everyone is encouraged and supported to learn – from books to courses to conferences.

💻  Everyone can work remotely as they like – most prefer the office, though.

🏝️  Everyone gets at least 27 days of paid vacation + the time between Christmas and NYE.

🏀  Everyone gets a gym/sports membership.

A word on diversity: We’re diverse in every sense. Not because of PC culture or quotas but simply because we’re no bigots🖖

Send us your CV, an informal application and your salary expectations to

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