Be Overnice

There are probably places with better benefits, no overtime ever and, apparently, some even have beer taps – we won‘t have beer taps anytime soon.

What we can promise you though is that we don’t do bullshit jobs or work for bullshit clients. We strive to deliver great work and improve with every project. Money is great and all but at the end of the day, we want to take pride in what we do.

Everyone gets a share of the profits, our hierarchy is actually flat and sometimes, we even go to Costa Rica. Still, Overnice is a WIP and you are invited to contribute and shape it.

  • The Overnice team after a quad aventure in Costa Rica
  • Kwadwo Malcom working in our Berlin office
  • The team having breakfast in Costa Rica
  • The team discussing some design options in the office

We want you

  • Creative Frontend Developer (Web)

    Wield cutting-edge technology and breathe life into concepts and ideas.

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  • Interaction Designer

    Join and help us create beautiful and smooth-talking digital experiences.

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