Communications and Products

Hi, we are overnice.

While we develop and enhance the digital products of young start-ups, we create digitalization strategies for established companies. Our current focus: Blockchain.

We create value for big and small, german and international, private and public clients.aabarzahlenc3microsoftayudatwittergraphcoolpomplunspanierhackerbaytalentwundergpdnomadsschuelerpaten...

Our services:

Blockchain campaigning

We truly believe in the disruptive potential of the distributed ledger technology, known as ‘Blockchain’. The unique and exceptional ways of the Blockchain market and its community are natural to us. We do ICO campaigns and more.

In practice: Campaign strategy, ICO website, international social media and community management. Creative, content and performance marketing. Influencer collaboration and PR.

Digital Communication

Everything we do is strategic. We develop communication strategies that just seem like somebody spontaneously said the right thing, in the right place, at the right time.

In practice: Brand strategy, communication strategy, content and channel strategy.

User Experience

We focus on the time a user spends interacting with a product and make sure that it's a good time.

In practice: User Experience, User Journey, Interface Design, Development. Hackathon-winning concepts.


The heart of digital brand communication. We develop intuitive concepts and unique designs which we implement with the latest web technologies - always focused on the strategic target.

In practice: Crisp one-pagers and extensive web presences with custom-built content management systems.

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