A Happy Place for Drugs

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For GoPuls, we’ve created branding and a mobile app with a very demanding type of user in mind: someone suffering from migraine.

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We were tasked to rebrand the medicine instant-delivery app First-A. Following our paradigm of treating brand and product as one, the app aims to radiate happy vibes while providing straightforward and competent help.

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Good UX is always rooted in consideration for the user. Ours are quite special as they’re often suffering from a condition that requires medicine. Unobstructed and efficient navigation and a no-clutter information architecture were obligatory.

  • Colors blue
  • Colors dark blue
  • Colors white
  • Colors Green Yellow Red
  • Colors shades of blue

Healthcare comes with some color conventions. And although we love challenging the status quo, a saturated and calm blue, almost leaning to purple, was quickly identified as the main color. All accent colors follow the scheme.

  • Illustration sleep & nerves
  • Illustration pain
  • Illustration vitamins & minerals
  • Illustration family
  • Illustration beauty & care
  • Illustration oral & dental care
  • Illustration Test & Devices
  • Illustration First Aid & Wound Care

Big bold and hand-drawn illustrations make browsing and finding products fun. They’re a nifty trick to create an initially exciting experience that gradually toned-down as the user progresses away from the illustrations and towards actual drug packages.

We didn’t do their website. But Stellate’s

Website for Stellate
  • Icons duotone
  • Icons plain

Even details, like informative icons, were handcrafted to add to the happy place that is the GoPuls app. Two levels of detail make sure they’re fitting the occasion.

  • Typography paragraph
  • Typography visual
  • Typography large

Researching fonts for the app, the most decisive question we asked ourselves was: “What would a user suffering from migraine want?”. Consequently, the BR Sonoma is used throughout the app as a straightforward and very readable sans serif-font.

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