Relaxing Performance

Time is money, downtime is the opposite. All about performance and uptime, Stellate’s website radiates confidence and excellence.

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  • Time is money

Services going down or failing to scale with sudden traction is a nightmare. Stellate wants to give their customers peace of mind. Our website plays its part with soothing pastels, clear-cut messages and a confident appearance all around.

When creating landing and especially home pages, we always strive to represent our client’s quintessential value proposition right away. For Stellate, it’s the robustness and scalability of GraphQL APIs – animation time!

Not stopping there, we added interactive sections to the website demonstrating the speed Stellate offers or allowing visitors to find out how much they would pay.

GraphiQL preview

Ever used GraphiQL? We did that too.

Product for GraphiQL
  • Feature logos
  • Feature logos in context

Feature logos, deviated from Stellate’s main logo, underline the modularity of the service offering. The dynamic and overlapping style serves as the base for expressive and friendly icons throughout the page.

Product grid

Beyond the website, we worked on Stellate’s branding and product. A single design system shared between product and website ensures visual parity and allows us to show seamless UI on the website wherever possible.

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