We are a good studio

Overnice means that something is so nice, it almost stops being nice. For us, it reflects our obsession with quality, new ideas and this fuzzy feeling you get when something hits just right.

If we had to use a numbered list of seven items we would describe Overnice as:

  1. A Berlin-based studio obsessed with quality
  2. That likes its clients but loves its work
  3. Always executes based on strategy
  4. Doesn't do basic or boring
  5. Prefers equity over cash
  6. Shares profit with everyone on the team
  7. Is still unfinished, join and contribute

We are a good team

  • Illustration of Ariana Montero
  • Illustration of Jonny Snow
  • Illustration of Julian Bauer
    JulianFounder & Design
  • Illustration of Kwadwo Malcolm
  • Illustration of Milena Bauer
  • Annalena
    AnnalenaProject Management
  • Illustration of Semir Greven
  • Illustration of Tammo Mamedi
    TammoFounder & Consulting

We use good tools

  • Nuxt logo
  • D3 logo
  • Vue logo
  • Notion logo
  • GraphQL Playground logo
  • Greensock logo
  • React logo
  • Figma logo
  • Slack logo
  • Adobe logo
  • Svelte logo
  • Vercel logo
  • Next.js logo
  • Storybook logo
  • Netlify logo
  • Linear logo
  • Radix logo

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