A website about easy money

“Crypto for humans” that’s the idea of Nimiq and the headline we were tasked to create a website around. So we got some humans in there.

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Making crypto less scary and more approachable is tough. There are complicated concepts to get and the somewhat hard to swallow pill that banks are probably the baddies :(

So our page is light, happy and very eh ...human? Together with Karacho Films, actors were casted and videos produced. Our designer Kwadwo even got in there, acting a barista – great job Kwadwo!

  • Behind the scenes picture from the video set
  • Behind the scenes picture from the video set
  • Behind the scenes picture from the video set

Showing the USP is the objective of every marketing page. Getting visitors to experience it is the cherry on top. With Nimiq, the USP is the connection between a user’s browser and the blockchain. So we put up a world map, showing all active browsers from around the world. Try it, it’s quite neat.

For the rest of the page, we chose a calm background setting the base line for splashes of colour to highlight the highlights. Friendly and lightweight line illustrations complete an approachable and fun impression. Are we still talking about abolishing the establishment?

  • Nimiq icons
  • Nimiq icons
  • Nimiq icons

Nimiq offers a range of products that are all free, self-custodial (that means only you are in control) and deserve their own landing page. We show the interface right away, flipping it into view on scroll.

Still, finding a good starting point to your journey into the world of crypto is tough. So we made it easy, with beginner funnels for all major user groups. Where the largest part of the website is modular, the funnels are hand crafted experiences.

Grid of website interface elements

We’re emotionally attached to Nimiq, a project we were working for since Overnice was just Julian and Tammo. Visit their website and create a wallet – one of our proudest product cases.

Like the site? You’ll love the wallet

Product for Nimiq

Nimiq also opened our eyes to the world of decentralization and completely remote working teams. Their annual hackathons in Costa Rica are always highlights of our year.

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