A wallet that does it all

Turning something complicated like crypto into an easy and usable experience for the average Joe is just the kind of challenge we love.

Decentralization is a core virtue of Web3 and cryptocurrency. For UX, it’s primarily a problem. Established and conventional user behaviour simply doesn’t work. There is no email login, because no user data is being stored. Time to innovate.

Product grid

Another tricky part is the overall look and feel. Crypto is money and therefore a security-sensible topic. But what’s the point in toppling the establishment when what follows is less fun? The UI is friendly, colorful, positive and serious where it counts.

Full product view

The whole UI is structured in three levels, a base layer, housing settings, accounts, prices and everything meta. On top of that is the account layer aggregating all currencies and offering swaps between those. Lastly the currency layer features sending and receiving as well as a transaction history.

Handling crypto is a ‘same same but different’ situation. Users send and receive money, check past transactions and at times simply stare at their balance. Avoiding crypto-slang and following conventions wherever possible, we free up mind-space for the handful of concepts users need and should learn.


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Product for GoPuls

Data visualization is always fun. The Nimiq wallet has the unique ability of directly connecting to the blockchain, no miner in-between. This enables us to show a world map, with the wallet’s location as well as users from all over the world.

Still, security remains a crucial topic – there is no ‘forgot password’. Warnings need to be thorough without spooking the crypto-beginners, who are the target audience of this wallet. Switching from a light to a dark background indicates to users when it’s time to pay attention.

Overall, we really grew to love the Nimiq wallet and are already excited about its eventual redesign. Overnice’s team also uses it to store its crypto, including Bitcoin, on it.

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