Space-base as a Service

Hosting and internal IT are as crucial as they are painful to deal with. Nothing a bunch of AI-generated spaceships and a clear, light and intuitive user interface can’t solve.

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Connecting brand and product is at the core of what we do at Overnice. It’s what turns functional UI for a tech platform into actual UX.

How we got into space: A brand story

Branding for Flightcontrol

Following the brand narrative, the Flightcontrol platform isn’t managing your AWS services – it’s the space base you modify ships at and go on epic adventures from.

This space base is a well-illuminated, breathing space. A calm companion in the otherwise chaotic universe. Sections fan out instead of overlapping and provide users with focus and hierarchy while everything remains available at all times.

Creating and editing a project should feel fun, convenient and modular. Yet again, the base idea was to assemble a spaceship from a set of parts and components. We refrained from going full sci-fi but designed kept the modular approach. Creating and editing share the same interface.

  • Icon grid

Actual real-world flight control and pathfinding, for example in airports, inspire the bold and unobstructed icons. Movement and color are exclusively used with purpose so the overall impression remains calm and collected.

Of course, every self-respecting space base comes with micro-interactions and animations. They breathe life into the platform and, like the icons, are inspired by cockpits and pathfinding.

metrics, product, design

Flightcontrol is not meant to be an analytics platform. Still, metric graphs provide info and assurance at a glance. Their blocky style and high-level detail tie them nicely into the space theme and prioritizes overview over deep insight.


Integrating the spaceships into the platform was a bit tricky. They are outstanding, which makes them distracting and it seemed there was no real need for them.

  • spaceship sdebar
  • Spaceship in service card
  • Spaceship in service card
  • Spaceship in service card
  • Spaceship in service card

Yet again, the brand narrative provided the answer: The platform is the space base, the projects on the platform are the spaceships.

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Flightcontrol is almost always accessed from the safety and control of a desktop. Still, checking, maintaining and even creating spaceships on the go is supported by the UI.

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