Interaction Designer

We are looking for an Interaction Designer to help us build the most intuitive, beautiful and smooth-talking digital experiences the world has seen. Besides working on cutting edge brands and tech, we offer profit sharing, actual responsibility and a no-BS work culture.

About Us

Since we started in 2016 we have been working continuously to be the hottest digital agency around. We're not there yet – but we always strive to improve and embrace change as our modus operandi.

We serve international start-ups and predominantly high-tech. Generally speaking, it's our task to package complicated and nerdy technology into sexy products everyone can use and enjoy. Branding, UX and out-of-the-box marketing are the tools of choice.
As a small team, we are looking for someone, for whom work is more than a job and colleagues are more than coworkers.

  1. Our Blockchain client from Costa Rica invites us to a Hackathon? – We fight to bring the whole team along.
  2. Your dog has a cold and you have to get it to the vet this morning? – No big deal.
  3. You leave at 6 pm, even though the team needs to get something done by tomorrow morning? – Not cool.

About You

We're looking for an interaction designer with a focus on digital (Web-) experiences. As a small team, we're looking for someone who can bring both UX and UI skills together. That means:

  • You have UX experience, you know how to come up with user-stories, draw wireframes, structure a digital experience. But you also have an eye for detail. As a kick-ass designer, you know that even the greatest UX won't excite users without a beautifully crafted UI.
  • You think outside the box by principle, but also know when it's best to follow the beaten path.
  • You come up with bold ideas and wild concepts, but at the same time you have the nerdiness to fine-tune an interaction until the last detail is perfect. You know that it's the details that make a digital experience memorable.
  • You have a solid understanding of animation. You know that fluid transitions and animations are a key element to make an interface feel alive. You don't necessarily have to build everything yourself, but know about how to present and communicate an animation.
  • You have high-level knowledge about how implementation on the web works – at least you have an interest for it. Ideally, you already have experience working with developers. Bonus points if you have actual Frontend skills, but knowing what's possible in a web-browser is a must. Likewise, Responsive Design and Cross-Browser-Compatibility should be familiar concepts.
  • You know your tools in and out. Ideally you're already using Figma (that's what we're using, we love it), but if you're used to Sketch, that's okay as well. You know how to navigate the Adobe Suite – you could use Photoshop and Illustrator in your sleep. If you have experience with animation- or 3D-tools, that's a big plus.
  • You have at least three years of experience working in a startup, in an agency or as a freelancer. You're familiar with agile working, design sprints and interdisciplinary teams.

Send us your CV, an informal application and your salary expectations to

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